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Boguslav Koledinskiy
Boguslav has been working in the IT field since 2001. He passed all the stages of becoming an IT specialist: an ordinary employee, a web page layout designer, a programmer, a system administrator, a lead programmer, a project manager, an owner of an IT company. The author of the first national team sex encyclopedia in Belarus. Founder of the first video chat in Belarus. An early bitcoin investor. Passionate blockchain enthusiast. Specialist in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Team Leader
Alexey Mikhalchenkov
Alexey is a programmer with unrestrained energy and bright positive. Dear and beloved leader in the team of programmers. Leader in mobile app development and blockchain programming.

Dmitry Mazanov
Dmitry is a talented engineer with excellent technical education in economics and production management, as well as computer systems and networks. An extraordinary mind, high intelligence, clear logic, an inventive approach make him an irreplaceable curator of everything that happens within the project.

UX/UI developer
Maria Miroshina
Maria has extensive experience in interface design with more than 15 years of experience in UX, UI, WEB design. She specializes in creating a complete product, expressing by design the idea, mission, goals and objectives of the project, develops a unique style for the project, creates comfort for consumers of the product and its usability.

Front-end developer
Natalya Miroshyna
Natalia loves complex and non-trivial tasks, brilliantly develops and implements the architecture of projects of any complexity. A professional in her field. Sincerely dedicated to work, patient and friendly, amazingly talented.

DevOps developer
Dmitry Shmakov
Dmitry is an incredibly creative person. Self-discipline, high cognitive interest and dedication made him a broad-based specialist who is ready to quickly immerse himself in any IT topic. Specialist in distributed computing and infrastructure reliability.

Dmitry Kirei
Dmitry is a recognized team leader in the SEO department, that is helped by his experience of many years as a leader of large teams, as well as his personal experience in the field of SEO from the very beginning to the professional level.

Project Manager
Vitaly Kosyak
Vitali manages operating activities. Perfectly organizes expositions, prepares and conducts effective exhibitions. Perfectly manifests itself in negotiations with investors. Also analyzes and corrects business processes. Reliability is his credo.
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