How to start SexMining

Choose your preferred sexmining option

First option

Send us a request with your mail After receiving your request, we will contact you to clarify some details, for example: preferred location, date, time, partner preferences.

We will select and send you proposals from the database of relevant applications of those who want to sex mine, based on the responses we received.

You can easily conduct sex mining sessions with a light version of the application, especially for mining.

Second option

Self-use of the wallet Use the fully functional version of the SexMining wallet.

You can organize a sexmining session as a mining leader yourself or join an existing session as a participant.

Attention, this option assumes in-depth knowledge of IT technologies.

Advansed SexMining wallet

Third option

Contact with service provider SexMining allows anyone to organize an auxiliary service, for example: rent out equipment, a room for sex mining, mining related goods (lubricants, condoms, toys).

There will be more and more such services over time, in different formats and locations, for example: mobile mining farms on wheels, stationary mining houses, online sex mining auction sites, thematic dating sites for miners, and the like.

Choose the service provider you like and get the easiest and most convenient access to sex mining technologies.

This option is the simplest and most comfortable, since your service provider will rent out everything you need for mining.

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