Buy SexMining tokens

Buy SEX with a ETH (Ethereum)


Send some ETH to wallet:
and you will receive tokens SEX on your wallet with currency rate: 0.004 ETH for 1 SEX.

Buy SEX with a bank card


Support the project, buy SEX today to get sex legally anywhere in the world in addition to asset growth!

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Indacoin — a major provider of cryptocurrency sales. Indacoin is first of all reliability. The company is registered in the United Kingdom in 2014 and has an impeccable reputation.

Where to store SEX?


For storage of SexMining tokens we have developed a wallet application for different platforms:     >> DOWNLOAD <<

You can also store SexMining tokens in any wallet with Ethereum support.
All you need — just add SEX tokens to your Ethereum wallet. You will find easily how to add tokens to (your wallet).

Contact us for advice with any questions about SEX tokens: